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        The issue of quality has top priority in the selection of our suppliers.

        Therefore reliable and innovative partners come into consideration which meet our high demand on products, service and punctuality and with whom we want to work confidentially and goal-orientated on a long-term basis.

          Application as supplier

          Please, exclusively about the form Supplier self-assessment.pdf

        Fotolia_74332554_L_ver?ndert.jpg  Our directives

          ? General conditions for purchase and special terms and conditions for contracts relating to work,
              supply of materials and service

          ? General packaging regulations

          ? Quality assurance agreement and quality guidelines of purchased parts

          Ihr Kontakt im STRACK Einkauf

          Mail einkauf@strack.de



        Mr. Nicole Shum (岑永輝) 
        大陸: +86 138 2357 5290
        香港: +852 9029 9262

        Mr. Jan Ng (吳國榮) 
        大陸: +86 138 2335 2010
        香港: +852 6941 2010

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