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        Think quality  –  create quality

        We focus on excellent quality in all areas.

        Our motivation is to create solutions for the requirement of our customers.

        Despite the complexity of the processes, we focus on the production of quality products.

        For our company the quality management is therefore a must.

        A quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ensures in the company the fulfillment of contractually agreed customer requirements, of the planning, of the implementation and supervising of all quality-relevant activities. 




        Mr. Nicole Shum (岑永輝) 
        大陸: +86 138 2357 5290
        香港: +852 9029 9262

        Mr. Jan Ng (吳國榮) 
        大陸: +86 138 2335 2010
        香港: +852 6941 2010

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