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        In the fourth generation

        The company STRACK NORMA GmbH & Co. KG of today is based on the entrepreneurial activities of Ewald Geyer after the First World War. In 1921 Geyer founded the homonymous mould- and tool construction in Lüdenscheid.

        At the end of the 1950s, he enlarged his program with standard parts for plastic tools, which was distributed via the company Friedrich Strack.

        Impressions of the 1940s/1950s

        In 1981 The STRACK group was taken over by Geyer & Co. A company was created accomplishing itself the task to offer standard parts for the punching- and plastics industry under the proven name “STRACK NORMA”.

        Today STRACK NORMA has successfully completed the transformation from a pure mould- and toolmaker to a service company.

        With the great-grandchilds of the company founder, the siblings Bettina and Andreas Geyer, the company has now been family-owned for four generations.



        Mr. Nicole Shum (岑永輝) 
        大陸: +86 138 2357 5290
        香港: +852 9029 9262

        Mr. Jan Ng (吳國榮) 
        大陸: +86 138 2335 2010
        香港: +852 6941 2010

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